The Early Intervention Program at the Galilee Resource Center offers individualized home-based training and physical therapy for children 0-6 years old with developmental delays to enhance the five (5) areas of development, namely: motor, communication, self-help, socialization and cognition. Services include:


  • Physical Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Transition Program
  • Home-based training of family trainer (Triad Approach)


Likewise, the Center provides inexpensive and accessible treatment for children born with congenital clubfoot (0-2 yrs old) through the Ponseti Method.


  • Serial plaster casting, tenotomy, use of corrective shoes




Simon of Cyrene Community Rehabilitation & Development Foundation Inc.

286 BaƱag, Daraga, Albay 4501 Philippines

Phone: +63 (052) 4312554